Is Data Sharing the Best Way to Speed Up Digital Transformation?

Data is the new asset for companies, this is well understood. Data in the cloud is standard, says Kai my latest interview partner. Why should I share it with others?

This is one of many questions I asked Kai Huener from CDQ St. Gallen. During the interview we looked at what “data fitness” is. We went deeper on the concept of data sharing and why is has different levels. Obviously we looked at data security concerns and what data sharing means for every CEO regarding operational efficiency of vendor or B2B customer data.

Gartner analyst Lydia Clougherty Jones timely posted that “Digital business requires persistent data sharing and a new mindset to speed digital transformation”. Her new research introduces Gartner’s new “Must Share Data Unless” model, flipping the “don’t share data” mantra to prioritize digital business goals while ensuring trust and resilience.

Watch the full interview now.

Additional reading recommendations on customer or party data:


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