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Data Talks #19: IKEA Saved by Online During Lockdown

Data Talks #18: Spryker Excite Recap 2020

Data Talks #17: The Success of Shopify Stock …

Data Talks #16: What is behind NIKE’s Q1 Success and their Direct to Consumer Business

Data Talks #15: Is Data Sharing the Best Way to Speed Up Digital Transformation? (with CDQ Expert Kai Huener)

Data Talks #14: How Conrad Transforms from Retail to Platform Business (with CDO Ales Drabek)

Data Talks #13: Stop Gambling – Nail Dynamic Shopping Experience (with Florian Lüft, Apptus)

Data Talks #12: How my Algorithm recommends the best Wine (with Stephan Spijker,

Data Talks #11: Wie finde ich die richtige PIM-Lösung? (Mit Kersten Wirth)

Data Talks #10: How to Master ETIM with PIM/MDM (with Magnus Hedberg & Ulrik Lilius)

Data Talks #9: Will Food eCommerce Become Mainstream in Germany? (with Dr. Teo Pham)

Data Talks #8: Omnichannel Experience at Volkswagen & How good is Germany in Omnichannel (with Erik Meierhoff)

Data Talks #7: How to select the right MDM/ PIM solution – with Claus Hänle

Data Talks #6: How to Nail Social Commerce – with Marcel Hollerbach

Data Talks #5: Featured by ContentSchnack – Daten sind das Öl das 21. Jahrhunderts (German)

Data Talks #4: Amazon Goes Netherlands – with Nikki Eijpen

Data Talks #3: Building the ROI & Business Case for MDM – with Michael Rice

Data Talks #2: Why AI is just an Illusion…

Data Talks #1: Three Myths of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions

(Older video from end of 2017, but still correct)

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