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On this page I will make all video interviews also available as podcasts. Stay tuned.

Until then please go back to the home page (blog) and enjoy the blog articles. Most of them contain videos too or you can check out the youtube channel now.

Data Talks #15: Is Data Sharing the Best Way to Speed Up Digital Transformation? (with CDQ Expert Kai Huener)

Data Talks #14: How Conrad Transforms from Retail to Platform Business (with CDO Ales Drabek)

Data Talks #13: Stop Gambling – Nail Dynamic Shopping Experience (with Florian Lüft, Apptus)

Data Talks #12: How my Algorithm recommends the best Wine (with Stephan Spijker,

Data Talks #11: Wie finde ich die richtige PIM-Lösung? (Mit Kersten Wirth)

Data Talks #10: How to Master ETIM with PIM/MDM (with Magnus Hedberg & Ulrik Lilius)

Data Talks #9: Will Food eCommerce Become Mainstream in Germany? (with Dr. Teo Pham)

Data Talks #8: Omnichannel Experience at Volkswagen & How good is Germany in Omnichannel (with Erik Meierhoff)

Data Talks #7: How to select the right MDM/ PIM solution – with Claus Hänle

Data Talks #6: How to Nail Social Commerce – with Marcel Hollerbach

Data Talks #5: Featured by ContentSchnack – Daten sind das Öl das 21. Jahrhunderts (German)

Data Talks #4: Amazon Goes Netherlands – with Nikki Eijpen

Data Talks #3: Building the ROI & Business Case for MDM – with Michael Rice

Data Talks #2: Why AI is just an Illusion…

Data Talks #1: Three Myths of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MDM Solutions

(Older video from end of 2017, but still correct)

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