New Youtube Shorts Series on Commerce Value with Data & Content

I started a new series of Youtube Shorts and short videos on Linkedin, Insta and Tiktok to address the most critical questions I hear on the PIM/MDM/eCommerce market.

MDM /PIM Build or Buy?

5 Reasons Why Buying a Standard Software Tool is Better than Building Your Own Solution: I want to talk about the advantages of buying a standard software tool instead of building a solution yourself. First, buying a software tool can save you time and money since you don’t have to start from scratch. You also benefit from the expertise and support of the software vendor, who has likely spent years developing and refining their product. Standard software tools are designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing you to adapt them to your changing needs over time. They also integrate easily with other software and systems. Finally, standard software tools are usually more reliable and less prone to errors or bugs than a solution you build yourself. So, if you’re considering building your own software solution, take a moment to consider the advantages of buying a standard software tool.

Interactive Toolbar in eCommerce

What is important for you in ecommerce? For me it is the conversion rate. Today I will explain the value of the interactive toolbar. The Engaging Hero brings compelling, conversion-winning content to the most-viewed, top of the page area of a site that captivates shoppers who aren’t committed to scrolling. Shoppers see richer, brand-approved content which engages, informs and converts. The Engaging Hero images can include an Interactive Toolbar serve up your best assets in the most lucrative, eye catching page positions. Deliver visually interactive mobile-responsive rich media assets to the prime product page. If allows the customer to navigate to: Vidoes, product tours, influences content, images, features, 360 views, related product or more. Our data across 1000s of customer shows that enhanced content lift the add to card rate in average by 39%.

For more vidoes follow me on Linkedin or Youtube or Tiktok.

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