How to Articulate the Business Value of MDM/PIM – Refresh 2022

Dear Data Talkers, you know this is one of my favourite topics and more important than ever before. In the real-time economy, driven value from content & data is essential. This post has the intend to share some interesting and latest webinars for MDM or PIM Program Owners, how they can articulate the value of implementing a PIM or MDM solution.

This is a list of questions I frequently get:

– What are the most important business drivers for MDM?
– How to communicate the business value to different stakeholders?
– Linking your MDM initiatives to the business goals and your digital transformation strategy
– How to build the business case?
– How to analyse the current state of the market and defining tomorrow?
– Connecting financial metrics to the data initiative

Check out some new interesting content and webinars.

For English speakers a webinar with Ariser, or a webinar with Nexer Group.

For German speakers a webinar with Bayard Consulting.

For French speakers a webinar with Bayard Consulting France.

Some other blog recommendations for your reading pleasure:

5 ways how to build the business case for MDM/PIM (by Syndigo) – it includes a nice combination of blog and short videos.

How PIM MDM Boosts eCommerce KPIs (by Syndigo)

My Ultimate Collection on the ROI of MDM.

Further Youtube Videos on this topic:

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