IKEA saved by online sales during lockdown – Looking behind the scenes

Jesper Brodin, the CEO of IKEA ,was recently interviewed by Bloomberg on their financial results. He confirmed that their massive flagship stores are still a key element in the IKEA strategy. The flagship locations have a role beyond “retail” and play a key role in delivery and fulfillment for IKEA’s e-commerce business: 60-70% of online orders go directly to the stores for fulfillment. I also learned that the omnichannel strategy remains key to the IKEA brand, as 4 of 5 customers are using different channels for their informed customer journey. “Online saved us,” CEO Brodin said in that same interview. Indeed, IKEA’s online revenue grew by 45% during 2020. 

Check out my synopsis on a short video:

Selling furniture, or any product or service online is not a simple process. Without correct, complete, and current data, e-commerce sales are not possible. The full blog post where I explain how you you control your data to enable cross-selling in e-commerce of furniture can be found here.

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