Can Aspirin Cure this Football & Beer Headache?

As a football fan I follow Classic Football Shirts on Twitter. I truly like how they frequently promote new themes all the time to entertain their audience. This time they asked what jerseys you can think of with a beer sponsor.

When you follow the link you land on the webshop page which shows a filter based on “beer sponsor”. That reminded me that is essential to have the right product details in form of attributes to enable this.

When the governance process is missing, this can lead to data quality issues, which result in wrong search results, as this case shows.

The image shows that Alka-Seltzer and Aspirin are categorized as “beer”. In this case a “Data quality Aspirin” would cure the headache.

The volume and the complexity of this e-commerce site seem not to be very high, but think what this case would look like in your business. What if your business is very complex, with a lot of dependencies and even local or legal compliance impact? What if you have 100s of attributes and millions of products? I could think of many questions which companies have to think of. I have seen this in many Master Data or Product Information Management projects across various industries.

But I thought it is good to start with a simple example, hoping football fans unit like.

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